Thank you Space Cadets! July 2, 2012

A galactic thanks you to all the fans, friends and families (or Jodrellites as you will now forever be known) that came along to Live From Jodrell Bank -Transmission 002 and shared in making such a historic and beautiful day of music and science.





We have captured some of the amazing moments in our photo gallery HERE

The great news is that we can now confirm that Elbow recorded the full show which will be released as a DVD. They have asked us to direct people to sign up on there mailing list to hear about it’s release.

“Thanks for coming, we didn’t think anyone would be here, the warnings were Biblical!” – Guy Garvey

None of this would have been possible without the support, love and vocal singalong to finish the night that came from the fantastic audience at the show. The high spirits of you folks against the backdrop of a rainy day was sensational. It wasn’t’ all about the music though as you all know the day was packed with other activities and goings on.

A fabulous day of live music including an intimate start from Willy Mason who later also joined the stage for duet with the astounding vocal talents of Lianna La Havas. Great sets from Cherry Ghost & Field Music were topped off with a stratospheric performance from Manchesters own Elbow.

Jodrell Bank Astronomer Tim O’Brien brightened up the weather with his live link up to an Observatory in Chille while a Mars Rover was one of the collection of captivating and fun features in the science arena. If you visited the “In the zone” area then be sure to go to their website to have a look at your results and videos, let us know on Facebook how you did too.
“it’s passed from hand to hand with the wedding rings” – High Ideals

Making the day even more memorable, especially for two people, was the wedding proposal live from the stage at twigh light. All our love and congratulations to Martin and Michaela.

During the day you also contributed towards a total of  £4000 raised towards Manchester Children’s Hospital and Forever Manchester. The Charities have asked us to pass on their appreciation for your kindness.

“The best thing we have been given since the gift of life” – Guy Garvey

A surprise to the band and all involved were the fantastic Star Wars model figures created of the band by fan Andy Lyth. The band were presented with them on the show day and loved them so much they projected them onto the screens during the show. Big thanks to Andy!
“I come back here from time to time, I shelter here sometimes” – Scattered Black & Whites

Jodrell Bank Observatory were thrilled to have so many new people experience the location and the work that goes on there. To help them get an idea of how successful certain activities were they would like you to complete a short survey.

Please take time to fill out the survey HERE

Merchandise will be up very shortly so please keep your eyes on the website and facebook for more news!

Live From Jodrell Bank – The Transmission series will be retuning next year and we hope you will join us for another epic occasion.

See you under the stars! x