STFC roadshow returns to Jodrell Bank! June 27, 2013

STFC roadshow returns to Jodrell Bank and begins a new chapter

Come along and experience a life sized model of the largest science experiment in the world – the Large Hadron Collider!

This is your opportunity to get a tantalising glimpse and hands-on experience of what scientists from all over the world are looking at, as well as the brand new technologies that have resulted from their work so far – you might not realise how much the LHC is affecting your life right now.

The display features a walk through, full-scale model of the LHC tunnel and hands-on exhibits including a Cosmic ray detector, Spinning ball particle accelerator demonstrator and a TV particle accelerator demonstrator. This is the last chance to see this exhibit following a 12 month calendar of events.

STFC’s next major public roadshow, “Seeing the Universe in All its Light” will also kick off its tour alongside the LHC roadshow as a showcase for both ground and spaced based astronomy and is structured around a 1:4 scale Very Large Telescope model and a 1:12 scale Atacama Large Millimetre Array antenna, both from the European Southern Observatory in Chile and will include interactive exhibits and websites, stunning imagery and factual examples of the wider societal impact of astronomy. There will also be bright young scientists on hand to interact with and answer your questions on any aspects of astronomy.