Space pavilion June 21, 2012

Throughout each day will be a number of fascinating talks given by experts delivered in the spectacular Jodrell Bank Science Arena, free to visit over the weekend for ticket holders. The Science Arena will open at 14:00pm each day with talks from 15:00pm. Associate Director of Jodrell Bank Observatory. Tim O’ Brien commented on the event “We’re really looking forward to this year’s festival and very excited about bringing together great music and great science. Watch out for a star performance from the Lovell Telescope!”

Here’s the full details of the talks:


15:00 – ‘Active Galaxies’ with Jen Gupta

15:30 – ‘Digital Engineering the Sqaure Kilometre Array’ with Chris Shenton

16:00 – ‘Galaxies and Star Formation with e-MERLIN’ with Rob Beswick

16:30 – ‘Cosmology’ with Scott Kay

17:00 – ‘Powering the Square Kilometre Array’ with Georgina Harris

17:30 – ‘Searching for Planets around other Stars ‘ with Eamonn Kerins


15:00 – ‘Zooming in on the Radio Universe with e-MERLIN’ with Simon Garrington

15:30 – ‘Red Dwarf Q&A and Fact and Fiction’ with Tim O’Brien and Craig Charles

16:00 – ‘Cosmology’ with Jon Pearson

16:30 – ‘The Sun and Space Weather’ with Philippa Browning

17:00 – ‘The Early Universe’ with Richard Battye

17:30 – ‘Powering the Sqaure Kilometre Array’ with Georgina Harris

For more info on the other activities going on in the science arena over the weekend, CLICK HERE.