Final boarding call for this weekend! July 5, 2013

Calling all space cadets, launch sequence has been initiated and this is now the final countdown to Transmissions_004 & _005.

The sun is bouncing off the Lovell telescope as we put the final touches to the site. Featuring an interstellar lineup and our largest ever science arena, this weekend is looking to be a Transmission like no other.

Limited tickets are still available online HERE  & tickets will also be available on the day at the box office.

One 76m wide telescope doubling up as the worlds largest projection dish, 14 artists, the countries largest outdoor science arena…see you under the stars?

Featuring Australian Pink Floyd | Hawkwind | The Time & Space Machine | The Lucid Dream | Forecast & The UK’s largest outdoor Science Arena.

Featuring New Order | Johnny Marr | Public Service Broadcasting | The Whip | Jake Evans | Hot Vestry | Tom Middleton | DJ TinTin & The UK’s largest outdoor Science Arena.

Returning again is the ‘Higgs Bosinn’ real ale bar featuring a selection of some of the finest ales from the local area.

We have Iron Maidens ‘Trooper’, Elbow’s ‘Build a Rocket Boys’ , J W Lees ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Dunham Massey’s ‘Summer Meadow’ & ‘Chocolate Cherry’.

So sit back in the sun this weekend and one of the most unique venues in the world and enjoy a pint. Cheers!